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Where we work: Services

Funding Avenues

The different levels and type of funding streams are very confusing. If you are unsure: call 1300 15 15 46 or request a quote. 


Home Care Packages
 Private Health insurance
 Self Funded Clients
GP Chronic Disease Management Plans (EPC/TCA)


Experienced, Exceptional Allied Health where your dreams are our goals.

We have seamless referral and reporting relationships with many Plan and Support Coordination partners in our service areas. Our therapists have vast experience and additional training towards a huge array of complex conditions including movement disorders, cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinson's Disease, brain and spinal cord injury, other neurological conditions. We are guided solely and wholly by your hopes, dreams and goals. First appointment within 1 week of complete referral or your first session free!



Home Care Packages (HCP), Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) or Home Visit

We have brokerage agreements already in place across SE Qld and Tasmania with multiple providers to assist in getting you the healthcare you need ASAP! In your time of need, partner with a therapist who will work hard to keep you living your best life. Regardless of your funding in place, speak to your Service Provider and let them know that Harvest Physio Co. is your preferred Allied Health Provider.

Home Care Packages
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