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Workplace Physiotherapy

Education, Ergonomics & Employment Screening


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Gold Coast

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Tasmania - Statewide

Customised Plan and Pricing to suit your business needs. 

What is Workplace Physiotherapy???

Each business is working hard to provide a safe and happy workplace for their employees whilst striving towards their business goals. Harvest Physio partners with many businesses at different points along their staff journey. From pre-employment screening to ensure your new hires are physically fit to perform the duties of the role; to Manual Handling Training to reduce workplace injuries, to WH & S treatment and claims or just devising staff wellness programs. We can tailor a program to suit your business needs. 

How can we help you?

Pre-Employment Screening

Ergonomic Assessment of Work Stations/Tasks

WH&S Treatment and return to work guidance

Manual Handling Training

WH&S Treatment and return to work guidance

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